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We have a new blog

Hey! This blog will become inactive because we have a new blog! http://beforethereign.wordpress.com/

What’s going on!

So about halfway through Act I, I’ve come up with my plan of action (in order of events):

- Finish Act I (With basic battle engine, basic menu and placeholder images for the inventory, dialog box and quest box).

- Work on a better menu with the proper logo then re-release that for you.

- Work on a website to showcase the game (keeping this as a development blog obviously).

- Then I will work on creating a nice interface for the quest box, dialog box and inventory.

- After that I will spend time on improving the battle system while progressing into Act II on the side!

During this time, I will be updating the to-be website, this blog and our facebook page! Stay tuned :)

- Jake

First Act in the works!

Hey, just a little update, Act one is being worked on and will be uploaded when complete! As an estimate, I’d say it’ll be done in about a week or two as to be able to polish it all off and make sure that it’s good.

As for the battle system, in this demo it will be the same basic one, as work will be on that after the first act is complete!

- Jake


Just a reminder to people that we have a facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/OfficialBeforeTheReign

Also, if you’ve ever played any of the timesplitters and you loved it, join this facebook page to tell them to make another one! http://www.facebook.com/Timesplitters4PLZ

Story in the works!

The story we’ve been working on is quite impressive! We have a few good twists and turns and I can’t wait to start putting this into the game! :) While I don’t want to give too much away, I can say that the story has twelve acts and I will also give you the names of these!

Act I - Growing up; Act II - The road to power; Act III - The road to power (cont.); Act IV - Demons?; Act V - Repossession; Act VI - De je vu; Act VII - Relic time!; Act VIII - Homecoming; Act IX - To war!; Act X - An end; Act XI - Awoken; Act XII - Eternal dream.

One more thing I’ll give out are the character names: Jared (the hero), Viggi, June and Kayla.

Stay tuned!

Jake :)

We now have a blog design!

Earlier than expected, I’ve put together the logo and that meant that I could throw together a design for the blog! :) Now you’ll have pretty pictures to look at too!

Here’s a high-res picture of the logo, in all of it’s glory! It’s here if you wanna check it out!

- Jake

Blog design in the works!

Hey! At the moment, I’m designing a background and sidebar for the blog, so that it will no longer be blank! This should be up by the end of the weekend, just need to recreate the logo, make some cool text and BAM! We’ll some pictures for the blog :D

Stay tuned,

- Jake

So I finished a concept art and was talking to jake and he said the character has red hair and I was like… ‘What XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD’. then i photoshopped the hair.Some  brief concept art for the game, Expect more after the 22nd when I finally finish all my exams!~Tara 
Before the Reign Character concept.this is a concept idea for the main character of the game, check out the rest of this blog for a downloadable test!free to play, but mind you, It’s only in the ALPHA stage. ~Tara 
Before the reign character, Child Stage.Concept art for the child stage of the game.I had to change the hair to read…. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Thank god for photoshop, very quickly done guys. Sorry~Tara